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Apache Tribe Apache Native American Indian This article contains interesting facts, pictures and information about the life of the Apache Native American Indian Tribe. The Apache Tribe Summary and Definition: The Apache tribe were a fierce, strong and war-like nation who roamed the arid desert lands of  Arizona,
Teachers and parents: You can support Ducksters and get the latest updates by liking or following Ducksters on Facebook or Twitter. Search History Biography Geography Science Games for Kids Native Americans Apache Peoples History >> Native Americans for Kids The Apache peoples are made up of a group of American Indian
Official Website of the Mescalero Apache TribeHome News Community News Events Public Notice Tribe News Careers Departments & Programs Tribal Codes MAT Constitution Contact Us Camping & Fishing Big Game Hunts Mescalero Conservation Law Enforcement Department Cultural Center & Museum Ndé Bizaa’ Tri
Fort Apache History White Mountain Apache History This land that is now the White Mountain Apache Reservationis the core of our homeland. We were placed here under the White Mountain by our Creator at the beginning. In this land our ancestors learned to be Ndee—The People—and we have learned from them. The
� Apache They call themselves Inde, or Nide the people.   It is with Great Respect � That I honor the First Americans, The American Indian. Da go Te....Apache Greeting .... To .... History of the Apache .... Easy Reading for the Student� .... The word Apache is believed to be derived from a Zuni word meanin
Home About Us Our Objectives Directors Vision Our Programs Emergency Relief Miss Indian USA Student Eagle Awards My Indian Ancestry Resource Directory Tribal Directory American Indian Articles Indigenous Peoples Literature Your Support Contact Us Apache Indians The Apache Indians came from the Alaskan region, Canada,
The Apache ) are culturally related Native American tribe s from the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico . These indigenous peoples of North America speak Southern Athabaskan languages , which are related linguistically to Athabaskan languages in Alaska and western Canada . Apache people traditionally have l