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Log In |Register |Visit     mindat.org Gemdat Home Search Pages Beryl AquamarineAquamarine Dreamscape Cut15.90 carats© johndyergems.com The name beryl comes from India and has always been associated with the gemstone. Beryl is praised for its transparency, high hardness, and beautiful colours
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BERYL (Beryllium Aluminum Silicate) THE MINERAL BERYL Chemistry: Be3Al2(SiO3)6, Beryllium Aluminum Silicate Class: Silicates Subclass: Cyclosilicates Uses: Gemstone, mineral specimens and source of beryllium Specimens Also see variety specimens: Aquamarine Specimens Emerald Specimens Goshenite Specimens Heliodor Speci
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Beryl: The mineral Beryl info & pictures (aquamarine, emerald)   Minerals.net   Complete Information Guide to Rocks, Minerals, & Gemstones Loading Minerals Minerals & Varieties View All Minerals View by Alphabetical Order Varieties and Other Names Mineral Search Filter Minerals Filter by Chemical Gro
In geology , beryl is a mineral composed of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate with the chemical formula The hexagonal crystal s of beryl may be very small or range to several meters in size. Terminated crystals are relatively rare. Pure beryl is colorless, but it is frequently tinted by impurities possible colors are g
Beryl Mineral Data Beryl Mineral Data Search Webmineral : Home Crystal jmol jPOWD Chem XRay Dana Strunz Properties AtoZ Images Share News Help About Advertisment General Beryl Information Chemical Formula: Be3Al2Si6O18 Composition: Molecular Weight = 537.50 gm Beryllium5.03%Be13.96%BeO Aluminu...

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