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James Clerk Maxwell

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James Clerk Maxwell and the Christian Proposition Ian Hutchinson MIT IAP Seminar: The Faith of Great Scientists, Jan 1998, 2006 1  Introduction Two great British scientists dominate the intellectual landscape of electrical science, and indeed all of physics, in the nineteenth century, Michael Faraday and Jam
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Biography Online HomeBiographiesInspirational peopleActorsArtistsEntrepreneursHumanitariansWritersMilitaryMusiciansPoetsPoliticiansRoyaltyScientistsSportReligious leadersWomen100 FamousBlogAbout James Clerk Maxwell Biography James Maxwell was one of the world’s most influential physics. In particular, he made gr
Famous ScientistsHome Top 100 Scientists List of Scientists Blog James Clerk Maxwell Lived 1831 – 1879. “One scientific epoch ended and another began with James Clerk Maxwell.” Don’t believe me? Well, I wasn’t the first person to say it – Albert Einstein said it first. When Einstein
Who was James Clerk Maxwell? James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) was one of the greatest scientists who have ever lived.  To him we owe the most significant discovery of our age - the theory of electromagnetism.  He is rightly acclaimed as the father of modern physics. He also made fundamental contributions to m
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James Clerk Maxwell June November was a Scottish scientist in the field of mathematical physics . His most notable achievement was to formulate the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation , bringing together for the first time electricity, magnetism , and light as manifestations of the same phenomenon. Maxwells e

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