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Carl Friedrich Gauss

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Carl Friedrich Gauss Carl Friedrich Gauss Some mathematicians consider the German mathematician Gauss to be the greatest of all time, and almost all consider him to be one of the three greatest, along with Archimedes and Newton; in contrast, he is hardly known to the general public. He was extremely precocious as a ch
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Famous ScientistsHome Top 100 Scientists List of Scientists Blog Carl Friedrich Gauss Lived 1777 – 1855. Carl Friedrich Gauss was the last man who knew of all mathematics. He was probably the greatest mathematician the world has ever known – although perhaps Archimedes, Isaac Newton, and Leonhard Euler also ha
Branch of Science > Mathematicians Nationality > German Gauss, Karl Friedrich (1777-1855)      German mathematician who is sometimes called the "prince of mathematics." He was a prodigious child, at the age of three informing his father of an arithmetical error in a complicated payroll ca
Gauss - 19th Century Mathematics - The Story of Mathematics The Story of Mathematics Prehistoric Mathematics Sumerian/Babylonian Mathematics Egyptian Mathematics Greek Mathematics Pythagoras Plato Hellenistic Mathematics Euclid Archimedes Diophantus Roman Mathematics Mayan Mathematics Chinese Mathematics Indian Mathem
Encyclopædia Britannica Subscribe Log In · Join In the News Spotlight Demystified Quizzes Galleries Lists Search Click here to search Carl Friedrich GaussGerman mathematician Written By: Jeremy John Gray Last Updated: 5-28-2004 Alternative Title: Johann Friedrich Carl Gauss Carl Friedrich Gauss, original
Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss Born: 30 April 1777 in Brunswick, Duchy of Brunswick (now Germany) Died: 23 February 1855 in Göttingen, Hanover (now Germany) Click the picture aboveto see thirteen larger pictures Show birthplace location Main Index Biographies index Version for printing At the age of seven, Carl Frie
Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss ( , ) April February was a German mathematician who contributed significantly to many fields, including number theory , algebra , statistics , analysis , differential geometry , geodesy , geophysics , mechanics , electrostatics , astronomy , matrix theory , and optics . Sometimes referred to



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