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Cosmic PursuitsBasic astronomy and night sky toursSubscribe Articles E-Books About Contact The Constellation Serpens Caput, the ‘Snake’s Head’ July 16, 2016 By Brian Ventrudo The region of Ophiuchus and Serpens in a map circa 1825. In last month’s constellation tour, we examined the dazzling st
Man must rise above the Earth, to the top of the atmosphere and beyond, for only then will he fully understand the world in which he lives. Socrates, 469 - 399 BC HOME SOLAR SYSTEM ANDROMEDA   AQUARIUS   AQUILA   ARIES   AURIGA   BOOTES   CAMELOPARDALIS 
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Serpens Constellation on Top Astronomer TopAstronomer.com Sky Maps Whats There To View This Month Find A UK Astronomy Society or Shop Planisphere Constellation Explorer Object Finder Interractive 3D Night Sky Constellation Guides Andromeda Antlia Apus Aquarius Aquila Ara Aries Auriga Bootes Caelum Camelopardalis Cance
Constellations of Words Explore the etymology and symbolism of the constellations Homepage Star Lists The Draconic Transverse Serpens the Serpent   Urania's Mirror 1825 Contents:1. Clues to the meaning of this celestial feature2. The fixed stars in this constellation 3. History_of_the_constellation Clues to t
Genitive: Serpentis Abbreviation: Ser Size ranking: 23rd Origin: One of the 48 Greek constellations listed by Ptolemy in the Almagest Greek name: Ὄφις (Ophis) This constellation is unique, for it is divided into two parts – Serpens Caput, the head, and Serpens Cauda, th
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Serpens ( the Serpent , Greek ) is a constellation of the northern hemisphere . One of the constellations listed by the astronomer Ptolemy , it remains one of the modern constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union . It is unique among the modern constellations in being split into two non-contiguous p

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