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Greek Orthodox

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Introduction: What Is The Greek Orthodox Church? - Introduction to Orthodoxy Articles - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America About About the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Archbishop Demetrios Former Archbishops Holy Eparchial Synod Departments & Ministries Parishes Clergy-Laity Official Doc...
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Synonym Skip to main content. Beliefs of the American and Greek Orthodox Religion by Robert Allen The Classroom » School Subjects » Beliefs of the American and Greek Orthodox Religion American and Greek Orthodox share common beliefs with Orthodox Christians around the world. Related Articles The Beliefs of
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GREEK EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH EXPOSED! Comment from webservant Jesus-is-Savior.com... The Greek Eastern Orthodox Religion is straight out of the pits of hell.  They teach that performing the seven sacraments are absolutely essential to go to heaven.  This is the same damnable heresy which Roman Catholicism t
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The name Greek Orthodox Church ( Greek or Greek Orthodoxy) is a term referring to the body of several Churches within the larger communion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity , whose liturgy is or was traditionally conducted in Koine Greek , the original language of the New Testament , and whose history, traditions, and t



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