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Encyclopædia Britannica Subscribe Log In · Join In the News Spotlight Demystified Quizzes Galleries Lists Search Click here to search JupiterRoman god Written By: The Editors of Encyclop√¶dia Britannica Last Updated: 5-4-1999 See Article History Alternative Titles: Diespiter, Iovis, Iuppiter, Jove, Jupite
JupiterAncient Roman Gods and Goddesses for kids - Jupiter (Jove)The myths and legends surrounding Jupiter, the Roman god of the Skies, the Roman state and King of the Gods JupiterDiscover the legends and myths and religious beliefs surrounding Jupiter, the Roman god of the Skies and King of the Gods, who was also kno
  JupiterRoman ColosseumRoman GodsJupiterKing of the Olympian GodsFacts and information about the father of the Roman godsThe Roman god of Roman ReligionThe Roman god and Roman MythologyAlso known as Jove and part of the Capitoline TriadFacts, mythology  and interesting information about the King of the Gods
Jupiter - King of the Gods - Crystalinks Jupiter Jupiter at the Louvre Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus Jupiter is the supreme god of the Roman pantheon, called dies pater, shining father. He is a god of light and sky, and protector of the state and its laws. He is a son of Saturn and brother of Neptune and Juno (who