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William Dampier

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SITE MAP | PHOTO GALLERIES | FISHING | GHOST TOWNS | HAUNTED PLACES | MYSTERIES | TIMELINE | QUIZ | NATIONAL PARKS |   WANowandThen.com   WILLIAM DAMPIER 1651 - 1715       painted by T. Murray, 1698 William Dampier (son of George and Ann Dampier) was born in 1651 at East Corker, Somerset, Engl
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William Dampier became famous after his epic pirating travels were published in A New Voyage Around the World in 1697. The British Admiralty promised him a ship to examine the uncharted eastern coast of new Holland via the Pacific Ocean round Cape Horn. It was thought he might also solve the mystery of the mythical Te
Back to the LHL Home Page | Back to the Exhibitions Home Page THE LINDA HALL LIBRARY HISTORY OF SCIENCE COLLECTION   William Dampier: 1679-1707   Map of the East Indies and Australia from A New Voyage Round the World: London: Printed for James Knapton, 1697.   William Dampier, an orphan of Weymouth, Eng
Table of Contents / Explorers Magellan Strait Pacific Ocean Spice Islands William Dampier, 1651–1715 Expedition (1699–1701): One ship (Roebuck), 50 men Charge (by British Admiralty): To explore the east coast of New Holland (Australia) Accomplishments: Instead explored the west coast of Australia, discover
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William Dampier (baptised September died March was the first Englishman to explore parts of what is today Australia , and the first person to circumnavigate the world three times. He has also been described as Australias first natural historian, as well as one of the most important British explorers of the period betwe



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