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Energy for Humanity
We started Energy For Humanity (EfH) to improve public debate about two great challenges.Objectives: 1) Reduce carbon and air pollution by eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels. 2) Create the energy abundance necessary to enable everyone on Earth to live well and be safe.

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The proposal of deep decarbonization is made by those who don't necessarily have an appreciation of the importance of carbon and more properly, carbon dioxide, in the cycle of living things, nor of the relative magnitude of "man-made" CO2 versus its entirety.
Continued high fossil fuel emissions by the current generation would place a burden on young people to undertake massive technological CO2 extraction, if they are to limit climate change. The idea of "limiting," "reversing" "man-made" climate change is being proposed by James Hansen, John Holdren and many scientists in
The focus is on reducing use of fossil fuels and increasing use of nuclear. On reducing man-made carbon dioxide in the air and pollution everywhere. Energy for humanity is an excellent theme. Reducing use of fossil fuels, when they provide most of the energy for industry, transportation, heating, air conditioning and e



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