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Zebras - interesting facts, trivia and illustrations In this post we will look at the world of the zebra in the wild. In the process we will clarify what the reason is they have stripes as well as :what type of social structures they have, why they can afford to be unselective grazers (i.e. not too fussy about what th
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Zebras ( or ) are several species of Africa n equids (horse family) united by their distinctive black and white striped coats. Their stripes come in different patterns, unique to each individual. They are generally social animals that live in small harems to large herds . Unlike their closest relatives the horse s and
News Tech Health Planet Earth Space Strange News Animals History Human Nature News Tech Health Planet Earth Space Strange News Animals History Human Nature News Tech Health Planet Earth Space Strange News Animals History Human Nature Live ScienceAnimals Reference: Zebra Facts By Alina Bradford, Live Science Contributo
Skip to this pages content Advertisement   Zebra Equus burchellii Amphibians Birds Bugs Fish Invertebrates Mammals Prehistoric Animals Reptiles Audio Fast Facts Status: Least concern Type: Mammal Diet: Herbivore Average life span in the wild: 25 years Size: Height at the shoulder, 3.5 to 5 ft (1.1 to 1.5 m) Weigh

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