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Moon Landings

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  Universe TodaySpace and astronomy news Login Login Home Members Guide to Space Carnival Photos Videos Forum Contact Privacy Astronaut Charles Duke collecting samples during Apollo 16. Credit: NASA. Apollo, Astronomy, Guide to Space How Many People Have Walked on the Moon? Article Updated: 21 Dec , 2015 by Nancy
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Sorry, your browser does not support iframes. Sorry, your browser does not support iframes. Skip to this pages content Current Issue February 2017 Table of Contents » HOME FEATURES PHOTOGRAPHY PROOF FOUND PHENOMENA YOUR SHOT PUZZLES VIDEO ARCHIVES SUBSCRIBE Man Walks on the Moon | Audio Archive | Space Sounds |
HISTORY LISTSPeopleEventsArtArchitectureOtherYou are here: History Lists · Events · List of 6 Manned Moon Landings List of 6 Manned Moon Landings All of total 6 manned moon landings to date were a part of the NASAs Apollo program. Running from 1961 to 1972, the objective of the program was to gather a
* Clickable map of the locations of all successful soft landing s on the Moon to date (top). Dates are landing dates in UTC . Except for the Apollo program, all soft landings were unmanned. * Luna was the first man-made object to reach the surface of the Moon (bottom-left). Still frame from a video transmission, taken

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