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Black Widows

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http://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/invertebrates/group/black-widow-spiders.html Animals Photo Ark Black Widow Spiders About Black Widow Spiders Black widows are notorious spiders identified by the colored, hourglass-shaped mark on their abdomens. Several species answer to the name, and they are found in tempera
Latrodectus mactans Description The Black Widow Spider is one of the most feared in North America because its venom is powerful enough to make humans very ill. This spider has been given its name because of the misconception that the female always eats the male after mating. Sometimes the male escapes unharmed. The Bl
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Black Widow Spider Bite: Pictures, Symptoms & Treatment Home Topics A-Z Slideshow Pictures Image Gallery Medications Quizzes Medical Dictionary About Us | Privacy | Site Map January 18, 2017
News Tech Health Planet Earth Space Strange News Animals History Human Nature News Tech Health Planet Earth Space Strange News Animals History Human Nature News Tech Health Planet Earth Space Strange News Animals History Human Nature Live ScienceAnimals Black Widows' Bad Rap: 4 Misconceptions About the Spider By
Latrodectus is a genus of spider in the family Theridiidae , most of which are commonly known as widow spiders. The genus contains recognized species distributed worldwide, including the North American black widows ( L. mactans , L. hesperus , and L. variolus ), the button spider s of Africa, and the Australian redback
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