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Monks and monestaries

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Life in a Christian Monastery, ca. 585
Standard format Easy read format Side menu Researching Historic Buildings in the British Isles Basics Archives Books Building types The Church Primary sources Style About Researching the history of monasteries Monasteries arosefrom the desire for a spiritual life apart from society, yet in a community. By the time of
Medieval monasteries in England Monasteries in Medieval England Daily life on a medieval monastery in England and Wales.    Travel Guides : England | Scotland | Wales | London   |  Accommodation | History   Site Map  Britain Express British Heritage History of England   Pre
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History Essays Works of Art Chronology Search Monasticism in Western Medieval Europe See works of art 17.190.134 1999.364.2 34.21.2 1991.232.1-.14 35.50 31.38.1a 47.101.30 25.120.201 53.67 2005.273 2001.221 64.101.1384 1987.217 35.35.1 25.120.1-.134 32.147 1982.
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A monastery is a building or complex of buildings comprising the domestic quarters and workplaces of monastics , monk s or nun s, whether living in communities or alone ( hermits ). A monastery generally includes a place reserved for prayer which may be a chapel, church or temple, and may also serve as an oratory . Mon
A BRIEF HISTORY OF MONASTERIES By Tim Lambert One of the first Christian monasteries was founded in Egypt in the 4th century by St Pachomius. In Western Europe early monasteries followed the pattern set by St Benedict of Nursia (c.480-c.550). About 525 Benedict founded a monastery at Monte Cassino in Italy. He drew up
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