About Investing in Yoogli

Yoogli is the hands-down companion site for Wikipedia – the fifth most visited website on the internet! Yoogli is an advanced Semantic Search engine designed to search all of Wikipedia, University databases, Academic Journals, as well as millions of other research websites and so much more. With Yoogli, search terms are converted into a Semantic Data […]

Collections 101

Collections are the most valuable tool on the Yoogli web site.  By creating a collection you make the content part of your library.  Any research or information you add to your collection can be made PUBLIC OR PRIVATE.  This means you can keep it to yourself and closest associates or show your results to everyone. You […]

The Worlds Research Library

Are you tired of getting THE MINIMUM using your existing search engine?  Do you want more in-depth results from your search engine?   Typically, research using existing search engines results in one or two partial sentences that attempt to suck you into paying for monthly publications or want you to make an appointment to see a […]

Taylor’s Hypothesis: The Inventor of Yoogli Semantic Search Algorithms

Taylor’s Hypothesis states, “measuring the collective search intent of multiple human beings in a semantic search network in a semantically indexed database increases the probability of returning the desired search result. The value of the network is proportional to the square of the number of measured collective search intents in the system. The probability of […]

Yoogli Semantic Search

Yoogli is the next generation of search technology that matches complex queries with more exacting results. Search terms are converted into a patented semantic model; a model that represents not the words, but their actual meaning. The semantic model of search terms is compared against the semantic models of the resources available in the global […]