Collections 101

Collections are the most valuable tool on the Yoogli web site.  By creating a collection you make the content part of your library.  Any research or information you add to your collection can be made PUBLIC OR PRIVATE.  This means you can keep it to yourself and closest associates or show your results to everyone. You can quickly move the research to any social media platform and share it with the world.  Search – Save – Share is the best way to gather important information and YOU decide who sees it or who doesnt.

If you have a private medical issue you can research it and save it in a PRIVATE collection – share it with family or relatives without anyone else seeing your data or knowing about your issues.

If your excited about a new you tube video you can save it and share it on Snap or Twitter with a simple click.

Yoogli has a huge data base  – larger than Wikipedia,  and it can be a great tool for collaboration between you and your business collegues. You decide who you share with and who you dont… Join Yoogli now … its free and secure.