Medical Industry and Development

There is mixed interest about semantic web technology with respect to medical related businesses. The amount of information in the medical industry is incredibly large and companies and users would be relieved to have access to a tool that could help them navigate to the information they are looking for. One problem with most types of medical information is that it is strictly protected by privacy policies. Dr. Ramanathan Guha, a researcher at Google and the keynote speaker at the 2013 International Semantic Web Conference, suggested that the adoption rate in the pharmaceutical and medical industries is likely to be significantly slower than other industries.

                                    Development Status

The technology used on Yoogli has been developed and tested for many years. The need for the technology is catching up in the marketplace since keyword search engines are returning less accurate results and unable to protect advertisers well against increasing click fraud. Yoogli has been developed to offer unparalleled results in search relevance and accuracy. The level of detail in this technology is truly astounding. The development has not only been approached from the perspective of the end-user but has also incorporated the needs of advertisers and retailers. By combining an upstream and downstream approach during development, the benefits of this technology are easily seen and offer usefulness to the technology user and provider alike.

The technology has made important developments in the areas of click fraud protection, semantic search, advertising placement and certified coupon delivery.  The product is being tested now and has demonstrated very promising results. The launch page is designed to be simple and familiar for users. The semantic coding used to index results is designed to run in the background so as not to disrupt the user experience.

Further development is being conducted to semantically index the 4.5 million articles on Wikipedia and to include more than one billion additional high-quality Internet articles.