The Worlds Research Library

Are you tired of getting THE MINIMUM using your existing search engine?  Do you want more in-depth results from your search engine?   Typically, research using existing search engines results in one or two partial sentences that attempt to suck you into paying for monthly publications or want you to make an appointment to see a doctor or a lawyer or whatever.  What do you do when you just want information but don’t want to be forced into buying a monthly publication or to be teased into making an appointment with a consultant?

Yoogli is the next generation of search technology that matches complex queries with complex search results that provides you with a more knowledge and a deeper understanding of your subject matter without having to buy a subscription to be told: “Hire me for $500.00 an hour and I’ll tell you everything you need to know”.  No – it’s not for everyone.  If you are looking for a drug store, use Google.  You will get  quicker results.  If you want to know whether Lotrel© is a calcium channel blocker and how it works to reduce blood pressure, use Yoogli (Try that one by the way and you will see how it works).

The search terms you provide are converted into a patented semantic model which represents not the words, but their actual meaning.  The semantic model of search terms is compared against the semantic models of the resources available in the global search space. The engine is able to correctly understand and analyze complete pages of text, documents and URLs and deliver more targeted and related results than keyword search. It is able to drill down deeper into a specific result thus continuously refining the desired result for the user. Yoogli allows people to find and access libraries of information that are of interest to them posted by other people as well. Collaborative filtering technology is able to identify people who have established themselves as experts in a particular field who may then be connected with others of like interests.  Users can use the Yoogli search engine with Google in order to achieve more relevant and deeper search results.  It improves search accuracy by understanding the searcher’s intent and the contextual meaning of terms as they appear in the searchable data space.

The Yoogli search engine is the result of years of development and patented technology and is designed for members of the millennium – from high school students to college professors to executives, researchers and professionals who need to be on top of their game.  Knowledge and information is becoming the new international currency.  Welcome to the next BIG thing!