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House Range

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House Range Fossils Wheeler Shale, Marjum Formation Weeks Formation House Range Fossils: Wheeler Shale, Marjum Formation, and Weeks Formation Fossil Sites   Wheeler Shale Formation, Marjum Formation, Weeks Formation, and other formations Also see: Pioche Formation Related Interest: Cambrian Explosion Fossils of U
Localities of the Cambrian: The House Range Western Utah is the home of one of the best-known Cambrian fossil localities in the world. The slopes of Swasey Peak in the House Range, seen above, are composed of a rock layer known as the Wheeler Shale, with the overlying Marjum Formation forming the top of the peak. The
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The House Range is a north-south trending mountain range in Millard County , of west-central Utah . The House Range was named in by James H. Simpson . It was named by Simpson because ...of its well-defined stratification and the resemblance of portions of its outline to domes, minarets, houses, and other structures. Th

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